Securely Share Confidential Docs

18-10-2023 | Property Development

As cybercriminals steal more and more personal data companies must be able to secure the sharing of confidential documents to ensure that they are secure. This means that if you share or receive sensitive files, they should be encrypted to ensure only authorized users are able to access them.

Secure encryption is the best method of sharing files online because it encrypts securely share confidential docs data in an unreadable format that only people with the key for translation can read. Even when someone has access to the file they will not be able to print or copy its contents into a different document.

An encryption service can allow you to create links to shared files that aren’t accessible on the internet (no URLs) and can only be seen with an app that is specifically designed for it or by downloading the zip file. Cybercriminals will be unable to access private documents.

Two-factor authentication is a further security measure to protect confidential documents. Even if a worker knows the password to access a document, they must prove their identity before they are able to access it. This can be done using a code sent to the employee’s mobile or biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

If you’re looking to share larger files that cannot be easily shared via email attachment using a secure file sharing site that integrates eSignature is the best choice. This option lets you create a secure document link and then use a faxing tool online to send it to the recipient.


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