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18-10-2023 | Property Development

Secure business software allows teams to work more efficiently. The software offers a suite of tools for collaboration and communication from task management to project planning. Its powerful features and simple interface make it a perfect solution for businesses of all size. It also includes an integrated CRM that monitors emails, customer engagement, and more. This software is used by a variety of the world’s most renowned companies to improve product quality, and delivery time.

Dean Leffingwell created SAFe as a framework in the year 2011 to help organizations increase the effectiveness of agile methods. It has since become one of the most popular Agile frameworks with a scaled design in the world. Its popularity is due to its proven workflow pattern as well as performance metrics that prove improvements, and a growing community of practitioners who are supportive of it throughout the world.

SAFe is built on seven core competencies to improve enterprise agility. These skills help teams and leaders to succeed in the process of transformation by developing a holistic understanding of agility at the corporate level.

Performing at scale The focus of this competency is to build efficient teams of all kinds that are empowered to help drive the vision and objectives of the organization. This includes fostering a culture of trust and accountability, establishing transparency about the progress of the backlog and ensuring that the team is equipped with the resources to be successful, and using inspect-and-adapt rituals to continuously improve their processes.

The smallest SAFe The most basic configuration of a framework, Essential SAFe provides the essential elements of an agile enterprise. Created to assist larger enterprise organizations that require more complex solutions, Large Solutions SAFe is built on Essential SAFe with additional roles structure, structures, and artifacts. Taking it even further, Portfolio SAFe provides lean governance, portfolio investment finding and strategy, as well as Agile portfolio operations. Full SAFe is the most comprehensive framework. It incorporates the three levels to allow large, complex solution development.


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