Voyage Data Recorders (VDR)

21-01-2024 | Property Development

Voyage data recorders (VDR) collect, process and store shipboard sensor data to give valuable insights in the aftermath of a marine incident. They are basically maritime black boxes designed to help determine the root of marine accidents and assist in their prevention.

VDRs and S-VDRs can be fitted to all ships of at least 3,000 gross tons and up built after 1 July 2002. A VDR/SVDR is an electronic storage medium that is able to be able to withstand pressures and shocks caused by marine events like sinking, collision, or fire.

The system is designed to collect data from a variety sensors on board a ship and then compressing and digitizing it before storing it into an enclosure that is secured externally. The tamperproof box is designed to withstand the most severe heat, shock and impact and pressures, that may be encountered during a marine incident, like a collision or a fire.

Members may want to upgrade their VDR/SVDR systems so that they can retain information for a longer time. Currently, the IMO performance standard only requires the VDR/S-VDR to keep data for a maximum of 12 hours after the incident before it is overwritten.

A growing number of companies offer a MantaDigital S-VDR that is able to be accessed from a distance, similar to the way airlines’ FDR data are analyzed after an incident. This allows onboard technical issues to be diagnosed remotely and aids in the implementation of proactive maintenance procedures. Regular shoreside playbacks also assist bridge teams in understanding patterns in their performance and identifying improvement opportunities.

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What Is a Secure Data Room?

07-01-2024 | Property Development

Secure dataroom is a web tool that allows files to be uploaded quickly and easily. They can then be opened by authorized users or shared with them or downloaded. Businesses use it to distribute important documents with a wide number of stakeholders to ensure due diligence, compliance and corporate transactions, litigation and fund raising. Secure data rooms provide more options than tools like Google Drive or Dropbox that secure confidential business data from any unauthorized access.

Cloud-based secure datarooms typically have bulk-uploads that can be uploaded using drag-and-drop, a powerful full-text search feature, a number-coded list of all uploaded files, and dynamic watermarking, which links the name of the authorized user to all viewed or printed images. Advanced systems, such as CapLinked, provide additional features to ensure data privacy. For example, FileProtect is a proprietary DRM solution provided by CapLinked that blocks sensitive parts of the document using the use of a “fence view” to stop screenshots and further dissemination.

While a secure data room may be more expensive than other tools like Google Drive or Dropbox, the costs associated with using a general file-sharing platform to share confidential business information could be significantly higher. Inappropriate use of confidential information can lead to fines, lawsuits and reputational damage. A secure data room that is properly equipped can be the difference between a successful and a bad deal. To find out more about a secure information room and how it can assist you in meeting your requirements, schedule an appointment today for a personal demo.

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