How to Protect Emails From Cybercriminals

28-09-2023 | Property Development

Cybercriminals target email because it contains sensitive data. Email accounts can contain sensitive information, such as your Social Security number, Social Security login credit card numbers or passwords for online services and sites.

Hackers use email for many cyberattacks ranging from phishing to Trojan spyware, to malware and viruses that infect devices. The information they obtain can be used for extortion or identity theft. It could also be sold on the Dark Virtual Data Room Providers Web.

The majority of cyberattacks are opportunists looking for low-hanging fruit that expends minimal resources. By following simple email best practices to make it difficult for cybercriminals to access to your sensitive files and personal information.

For instance email attachments aren’t always secure, and if an attacker gained access to your device it could be extremely easy for them to access the contents of your file, or send emails from your account with harmful content to other contacts. You can minimize the risk by using an app that manages passwords, and then creating a strong password. This password should include a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols.

You can also safeguard your account by keeping your personal and work accounts separate and by ensuring you exit your device securely when not using it. In addition, you can install an email gateway that can provide end-to-end encryption and DMARC to stop email fraudulent use.


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