How to Open a Board Meeting

23-10-2023 | Property Development

The chair of the board must state that the board will meet to discuss business. This simple statement demonstrates that the meeting is formal and enables the board chair to begin addressing agenda items in a timely fashion.

Before discussing any agenda items, the board chair ensures that a quorum is present. This is done by calling the names of all present and ensuring that the board has enough members to conduct business as required.

Getting distracted by new discussion topics can waste time and distract from the most important issues. This can be mitigated by establishing the concept of a “parking area” at the conclusion of your board agenda, where members are able to discuss random topics at a future time. Keep your word to return to the parking area to determine whether the subject should be further researched, added to the board agenda or delegated.

Once the board has constituted a quorum and begun discussion, it should hear any committee reports that were circulated prior to the meeting. The board should then discuss the issues and decide the best way to proceed. This could involve voting on a resolution, or simply asking for members to express their opinions on a particular issue. Be sure to include the entire discussion and actions into the minutes of the board. Boardable’s minutes maker will ensure that the minutes of your board meetings are well-organized clear, precise, and easy to comprehend by both attendees and those who were not present.


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