How to Make a Computer Virus

22-10-2023 | Property Development

Ever since the first self-copying, malicious computer program was introduced into computers in 1986 the virus has been causing various issues. They can cause a machine to slow down, corrupt data or display funny or political messages. They also can access personal information such as credit card numbers, phone number passwords, bank accounts, passwords and spam email addresses as well as contacts.

A virus is a bit of code that binds itself to other programs and files and then spreads through infecting them, and then hiding until the affected program is executed. Typically, a virus begins infecting host programs and then propagates to other programs and files, typically via e-mail. A virus that is successful can cause massive damage and destruction within an extremely short period of time.

A virus’ creation requires time and expertise However, anyone interested in computer programming can discover how to make virus. The process of creating a virus can be done for the purpose of learning about a programming language or simply as a fun prank. Making a virus could be a great way to test the efficacy of an antivirus scanner.

This article will show you how to create a basic computer virus using Python however, the same process can be applied to any programming language. Python is a great programming language for beginners since it is a breeze to learn and fairly fast. For viruses, other programming languages that can be compiled are generally preferred because they work at lower levels of the computer and therefore be more efficient.


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