How to Keep Online Board Meetings Running Smoothly

28-09-2023 | Property Development

Online board meetings offer greater flexibility and convenience than meetings in person. They can reduce time and costs by reducing the need to travel and eliminating scheduling conflicts. They also permit a greater number of board members to participate, warding off the effects of blind spots and groupthink in decision-making. Virtual meetings can be difficult to manage efficiently. Board members may lose interest or lack the tools needed for participation effectively. The most common issues that can disrupt the quality of a meeting are poor audio and video, faulty Internet connectivity, and distracting sounds.

Discussions must be kept moving

It’s much easier to disengage in a remote setting than in a face-to-face meeting. They may be tempted to check their email or receive a phone call from their child. The meeting could also get in a long debate or a person might forget to raise their hands to ask the question.

A clear set of guidelines for participation is crucial to preventing these issues. Board members can support each other by encouraging collaboration throughout the discussion and asking for feedback frequently and creating openings to allow members to interject. Set a clear agenda before the meeting, and ensure that the right technology is present.

It is crucial to test your equipment, including video, before the meeting and to encourage your board to do the same. This is particularly important in the event that members are joining from other states or regions.


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