How to Choose an Effective Online Meeting Platform

27-08-2023 | Property Development

A highly effective online meeting platform is a software for virtual collaboration that allows businesses to organize audio and video calls, remote meetings and much more. These platforms permit team members to share and exchange data and information with one another, hold ongoing meetings and also one-on-1 scrum meetings with no hassles.

It is crucial to select the right online meeting like it platform that works well for your specific business requirements. Consider factors such as the number of people who will be attending your online meeting, whether you will require breakout rooms, and what type of work will be done during meetings. If you plan to use the meeting as a brainstorming session or a collaborative meeting with many people, then you need to find an online collaboration tool which includes audio and video conference, as well as screen sharing.

Online meeting platforms also have useful features such as the ability to alter your appearance prior to the call. They also allow recording of audio and video. There is a waiting room for large meetings, and everyone are connected via an efficient connection. Some online tools for meeting provide a virtual library which stores presentations, training materials and other information to be easily accessible.

Some of the most popular online meeting platforms include Slack, Skype for business, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. Some of them are free to use, whereas others require a subscription fee to access their features. Some offer the option of a trial version to test out the features before deciding.


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