Ecommerce Design Mistakes

17-10-2023 | Property Development

Ecommerce websites are a highly competitive space, so ensuring you have the right mix of customers is crucial. If your visitors have to traverse a number of steps or have poor navigation, they’ll leave your website before making an purchase. These mistakes in ecommerce design are easy to avoid by planning your site properly and understand how users will navigate your site.

One of the most common e-commerce design mistakes that people make is not using high-quality images on their product pages. A bad picture can kill the entire potential for sales on your website. It is recommended to hire an experienced photographer to take your product photos. Also, make sure that the images are big enough to show the specifications of your products.

Another mistake people make is not creating consistent page layouts. Different layouts on a page can confuse users and make the site appear messy. It is crucial to establish a design plan and be sure that all your pages adhere to the same pattern.

People often do not provide contact information on their ecommerce sites. This is a big mistake because it makes the website appear unprofessional and could cause potential buyers to distrust the business. Your contact information should be readily accessible on your site, so that your customers can contact you with any questions.

Avoiding these e-commerce mistakes in design can result in better customer experiences and increased sales. These simple steps will ensure that your ecommerce site is user-friendly, and converts visitors to customers.


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