Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

03-10-2023 | Property Development

Online shoppers are spoiled for choices, so it’s crucial to make their shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible. If customers encounter a stumbling or confusing shopping experience, they may abandon their carts altogether and even leave a negative review that will convince other potential customers to stay clear of your shop.

These ecommerce design mistakes could cause serious damage to your sales. Fortunately, the majority of them can be avoided with a little careful planning.

Images of low quality

No one wants an item that’s not presented in the best possible light. It is crucial to make sure you use high-quality images on your ecommerce website. Images that aren’t of the highest quality will not only turn away customers but also damage your brand’s reputation.

There is no Guest Check-out Option

Another common error is not offering guests a guest checkout. This could deter potential customers from making purchases on your website. Many customers are hesitant to sign up for an account with a new website, especially when it requires them to provide personal information like their email address. It is recommended that visitors sign up using their social media accounts to streamline the process. This will lessen their privacy concerns.

Another major ecommerce design mistake is having a messy and disorganized menu structure. It is important to plan out the way each page will appear on your site to ensure that navigation is clear and simple. Make sure that each page is organized in accordance with the type of content it contains and makes it easy for customers to locate the information they’re looking for.


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