Cloud Management Platforms

28-09-2023 | Property Development

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) enable users to manage the configuration and orchestration of a variety of cloud services. They allow IT administrators and infrastructure managers to automate processes and centralize data, thereby increasing efficiency. CMPs can also cut risks and costs. They also facilitate multicloud deployments as well as centralized IT services delivery monitoring and governance.

The top cloud management platforms offer an easy user interface, automation, and the ability to monitor all environments. It should be able to integrate with other tools, offer an excellent user interface and offer security. It is scalable, which means it can handle growth and change in usage without delays. It should be able monitor the performance of the system, so that users can see their infrastructure’s performance and spot any issues.

Nutanix Beam, a multicloud management platform with advanced functionality and is a leader within the field. It lets organizations track cloud costs managing resources and increase efficiency by automatically scaling up or reducing on demand. The software also enables users to optimize their IT infrastructure by identifying underutilized and idle resources, and provides reserved instances of recommendations. It also helps businesses achieve compliance with more than 250 audit checks.

nOps, a FinOps Platform, automates IT operations to cut costs and streamline IT operations. It does this by cutting down on cloud waste by continuously optimizing resources, predicting cloud spend, and automating FinOps Governance. It assists modern enterprises gain visibility cloud management platforms and control of their cloud ecosystem with analytics, a single pane of glass, and unifying policy management. It provides cost savings as well as a self-service portal and multicloud support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vSphere (vSphere), Kubernetes, and bare metal servers.


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