Choosing a VDR System

23-10-2023 | Property Development

The vdr system is a maritime black box that holds vital information regarding the safety of ships and crews. The device can be used to monitor performance, determine the root of accidents and incidents, and train personnel. VDRs also allow fleet managers to examine trends in the performance of a vessel or across a fleet, to identify areas to improve. Airlines have been using Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) for several years and their analysis has decreased the number of accidents in this industry.

The basic structure of the vdr system that is on ships is typically two-part. A data acquisition unit, which gathers information from sensors and equipment on the bridge, and an external storage media that can be fixed or floating-free. Consilium is a manufacturer of a Type Approved Simplified Video Data Recorder (S-VDR), claims that their devices are fitted with only a few moving parts, and are able to be mounted on a wide range vessel sizes without causing disruption. The S-VDR is equipped with a fixed memory capsule which records the 12 hours required by law. It is also possible to supplement it with a removable storage option that provides up to 96 hours of data.

When choosing a vdr to purchase, make sure that the system is compatible with multiple devices like tablets and mobile phones. It should provide an experience that is consistent and is user-friendly across all devices. A reliable provider should provide 24/7/365 access to training resources and customer support. Look for a robust security feature that has advanced encryption and virus scanning. You are able to verify whether the provider meets third-party standards to ensure the security of uploaded files.


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