Business Continuity Planning

23-10-2023 | Property Development

Business continuity planning ensures that the business can continue to function as normally as is possible following a natural disaster. Disruptions can come in a variety of types, including floods, cyber-attacks or even the loss of key employees or suppliers. These types of incidents can be devastating to businesses, resulting in loss of revenue and customers, as in addition to damage to brand reputation.

A business continuity plan is designed to limit these risks by defining procedures and instructions that the company must follow in the event of a crisis. This includes identifying the potential consequences of each type of incident, determining the steps that should be taken to minimize those impact, and determining who will be responsible for overseeing the situation. The process begins with a business impact analysis. The second step involves putting together a crisis management team. This is the group which will take charge in the situation of an emergency.

Training is a vital component of a BCP in that it can help employees know what to do in the event of the worst-case scenario. Alongside training, it’s vital to have a comprehensive and easily accessible plan, and regularly testing the plan. During testing it is important to include the younger members of the team. They might be able to pick up details that more experienced team members might have missed.

It is essential to be prepared for disasters, which can strike at any time. With a well-planned business continuity plan your company will be able to manage any kind of disaster, helping to keep your customers happy and improving your profits.


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