Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Meetings

18-10-2023 | Property Development

Meetings online have numerous advantages particularly in a online world. These meetings are time-saving for all those involved. Attendees can join the meeting without having to leave their workstations or eat. They don’t need to print documents, connect to an AV system or take their bags away. Participants can also turn off their phones if they need to stop for a moment or check their emails.

Another benefit of online meetings is that they tend to be more punctual than in-person meetings. This could be due to the fact that participants don’t have to rush to the bathroom before calling in or worrying about being dressed nicely. It could be because they have the ability to choose from a wide selection of places that meet their needs, such as their homes, cafes or even the beach.

Additionally, online meetings also save companies money. Hosting a meeting in person requires the company to pay for a space and refreshments, but this isn’t necessarily the case when a meeting is held online.

Online meetings have some disadvantages that shouldn’t be ignored. It can be difficult to get participants’ attention during a meeting if they cannot see each other’s faces. This could result in people checking their email or social media during a meeting which isn’t conducive to a productive meeting. Meetings held online aren’t able to provide the same level of communication as people aren’t able read non-verbal or body language signals.


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